Work log

Today I feel rather smug. First of all I did a bit of new year spring cleaning. Throughout my life I have had to deal with bookworms…. not in my books, but in my wardrobes. When I was growing up we had a big infestation because they lived in the wallpaper (they like to eat glue and the microscopic mould that lives in natural fibres. They are perfectly normal and harmless, so if you have them too you are not alone).

Now that was when I lived in a council house and I thought now that I am renting privately in a purpose-built ‘executive’ (each flat has a dishwasher) estate, I thought that my home will be all bourgeois and cosy and dry with no damp and mould. Alas, that is not true – perhaps mould likes to follow me. Anyway, so today I went on a cleaning spritz in bedroom and hoovered up a few bugs and eliminated their food source. So that felt good – although they will return but they are lifelong friends now so I don’t mind.

Then I decided to set up a work log in an Excel spreadsheet where I would record my accomplishments for each day. I tend to forget what I have done day by day – not sure if it is age or just my uneventful lifestyle. So day 2 I fulfilled some quite small tasks that I had been putting off for a while:

1) Proof read paper written by former colleagues and I (about a project we did about the Raising of the Participation Age in the UK and its accountability implications)

2) Read and commented on second paper draft

3) Signed up to Manuscript Central

4) Orgainsed PDFs for Neo-liberalism reading group and send to classmates

5) Listened to Noam Chomsky on the purpose of educational systems/education.

Felt good!

As all PhD students know. It is rare that you feel good so enjoy it whist it lasts.


© Annika Coughlin 2014


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