Technological challenges

It is day four of the new  year and I have experienced many challenges this year so far, but today has been the worst.

First I failed the challenge of getting up at a decent hour so got up at midday and felt really angry that I had just lost many hours of work time. However, I think I was actually sleep deprived from the early start yesterday after only a few hours sleep.

Second challenge was that when I booted up my computer, I found that it was infested with malware. My virus scanner found and killed one bug, but then I downloaded an anti-malware software which found 125 bugs. So finally they have all gone.

Just like January 1st bookbug clear out I felt much better.

Then I was printing out a few questionnaire responses from a project that I did when I was working last year. I wanted to make sure I had hard copies before my questionnaire password ran out. But lo and behold my fancy laser printer was getting low on toner. I bought a laser one because it was meant to be better and more cost-effective than an inkjet. But looks like they give you half a toner when you buy a printer. So that will cost I suppose £100 to get a new toner…. better last 2000 pages this time. There is no way I have printed 2000 pages – I would estimate 100 at the very most, and most of them hairstyle ideas.

But my biggest triumph of the day was connecting a wireless booster so that I can actually study in the study and also I made my printer wireless so I can now print from the toilet if I so wish!

As anyone doing a PhD knows, and I am starting to learn, is that you have to study where is most comfortable and also inspiration can hit you anywhere, so this wireless thing is great! Who knows when in the middle of contemplation I find THE perfect hairstyle!

I’m going to have a couple of hours now as my partner has said that we need to schedule in quality themed film watching time together. tonight’s theme is modernity where we will be watching a Chinese film called The World followed by a French film called Play Time

As every PhD student knows, it is good to have quality lime with loved ones as well as a good work life balance. However I do not feel satisfied with my work balance today so afterwards will read one journal article to feel a bit better.


© Annika Coughlin 2014


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