stop micro-managing me!

This is an order to myself! In a previous post I started that I had started a worklog in an Excel spreadsheet. Of course it didn’t last. I think the main reason is that it isn’t really necessary if you trust yourself to do what you need to do. Clocking in, having managers check up on how long you spent on toilet breaks, check you aren’t chatting to your friends and such like is something that gets left behind when you leave school and if you don’t work in a place where your every action in monitored and checked against the clock (as documented about Amazon for example ). For some people with bullying bosses and a competitive working environment this can happen and not just in factory style workplaces. I don’t want to be a part of this sort of environment. I like a more flexible way of working.

I think when you are doing your PhD, the pressure to try not to disappoint your supervisors and to try to justify your existence to tax payers who pay me through the ESRC to do this research is enough.

Of course, like in all work, time-management is a challenge but guilt and a sense of duty is all I need to keep me in check –  and an occasional disapproving look from friends and family when I slip up.

But perhaps this is just idealised thinking – perhaps students should invest in a clocking in machine for the home – perhaps a sexy vintage one.

Oppression - in sexy walnut!

Oppression – in sexy walnut!

And if I am good, I could reward myself with this gold badge:gold badge

(I secretly like the idea).


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