New year, new me!

The first term of my PhD was very much an exploratory term. Getting to know new people, a new lifestyle, my supervisors, how to use the library (what… no Dewey?) and generally settling into study and reading and writing.

However, the new term which starts on Jan 6th is going to be much more structured (there will be less structured classes, so I have to make my own structure) and a lot more self-discipline.

There will be many challenged ahead, but I look forward to them!

So in this blog I will record the many challenges I as a PhD student face and how I overcome them. For some readers, you may be aware of the popular TV series called Challenge Anneka. Well I am somewhat inspired by it – well, the theme tune at least. It is motivational.

© Annika Coughlin 2014

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  1. Rhiannon said:

    looking forward to reading all about it Annika. Happy new year, I hope 2014 is a good one for you x


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