Hail storms and lethargy

Today I got up at 8am after a very late night in which I was chatting to my sister in Gmail chat about lipsticks and hair cuts. I really need to do something about my hair as it has no style what so ever. My sister also is in a hair crisis, but we both decided to do nothing with our hair until Jan 23rd (when Christmas is ‘officially’ over as that is when we need to eat the Christmas cake by).

So up at 8am to get started on my new regime? Well sort of…. I did get a journal article written by my supervisor which is very relevant to my PhD and read it with a cup of tea in bed whilst waiting for some deliveries from the internet shopping I had spent hours and hours and hours doing over the holidays.

A very grumpy delivery driver arrived and he looked at me with some disgust…. my have been my ill looking spotty face from lack of sleep and my unstylish hair and morning breath.

I then got ready to meet a friend in London as we were going to the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park to see Wael Shawky followed by The Photographers Gallery where we look at the photographs of Jacques Henri Lartigue. There was a thunder-clap and then a massive hailstorm. How exciting. Me and my friend congratulated ourselves for actually leaving the house in such terrible weather conditions.

After the galleries, I went to Oxford Street where I bought I a butter knife from Muji. And some half price mince pies from Marks and Spencers.

But I think my shopping days are over for a bit now.

As every PhD student knows, online shopping distracts one from the real task of intellectual growth – although I would also argue that it is good to have a nice new dress once in a while.


© Annika Coughlin 2014


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